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Retirement Information & Services

Information for Federal Benefits Officers

This page provides Federal retirement resources for Federal
Benefits Officers.

Retirement In Focus

Federal Ballpark Estimate

OPM developed the Federal Ballpark Estimate:  a savings goal worksheet.  You can use the Federal Ballpark Estimate to automatically calculate estimates of future Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) or Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS) retirement benefits and Thrift Savings Plan account balances.  It will also let you know how well you are doing in meeting your savings goal.  The Federal Ballpark Estimate was developed in partnership with the American Savings Education Council (ASEC) of the Employee Benefits Research Institute.

Retirement Financial Literacy and Education Strategy

OPM has developed a retirement financial literacy and education strategy for Federal employees.  The plan is designed to educate Federal employees on the need for retirement savings and investment, provide information on how to plan for retirement and how to calculate the retirement investment needed to meet their retirement goals.  View additional information on the Benefits Officers Training page.

Implementation of Retirement Coverage Error Corrections Legislation

The online FERCCA Database is now closed.  Agencies are encouraged to continue to notify and educate employees on FERCCA and to review employee's personnel records as needed.  Agencies are reminded to notify your agency's headquarters level Benefits Officer if you identify any individual(s) who have a retirement coverage error and are eligible for relief under FERCCA; the Benefits Officer will then notify OPM.

Visit our FERCCA Home Page for further information and to view the FERCCA FAQ's.   The FERCCA Homepage provides you with everything you need to know about FERCCA and it's implementation.  We suggest that you bookmark it for future reference.

Visit the Insure site for more information on the other part of this legislation, long-term care insurance.

Benefits Administration Information Online Mailing List

Are you registered for the Benefits Administration Information (BENEFTS INFO) online mailing list?  The Benefits Administration Information list emails information, primarily Benefits Administration Letters (BAL), to subscribers. While the primary customers for the Benefits Administration Information list are agency benefits officers, anyone, anywhere can subscribe to the list. Benefits Administration Letters will be sent to list subscribers automatically. 

Subscribe to retirement benefits mailing lists.

Information about this mailing list can be found in BAL 00-701Adobe Acrobat Version [24 KB].

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What's New in Retirement Benefits

Annual Benefits Officers Workshops

Registration for the 2008 workshops is now closed.  This is the only benefits training event we’ll have in 2008 but based on the great interest in the training event we hope to have 2 benefits training events in 2009.  Information about the 2009 workshops will be posted on our Training page and sent to subscribers of the Benefits Administration Information list when available.

Recent Benefits Administration Letters

December 13, 2007: Benefits Administration Letter 07-206 - Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance Program: Requests for Information.  Adobe Acrobat Version [48 KB]

November 30, 2007: Benefits Administration Letter 07-205 - Federal Employees’ Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) and Premium Pay.  Adobe Acrobat Version [46 KB]

October 30, 2007: Benefits Administration Letter 07-405 UPDATED - 2007 Federal Benefits Open Season: Overall Program Changes including FEHB Program Significant Plan Changes (UPDATED to include corrections and revisions that occurred after October 15, 2007).  Adobe Acrobat Version [53 KB]

October 24, 2007: Benefits Administration Letter 07-204 - California wildfires and the FEHB, FEGLI, FEDVIP, FLTCIP and FSAFEDS Programs. Adobe Acrobat Version [35 KB]

October 15, 2007: Benefits Administration Letter 07-405 - 2007 Federal Benefits Open Season: Overall Program Changes including FEHB Program Significant Plan Changes.  Adobe Acrobat Version [53 KB]

October 4, 2007: Benefits Administration Letter 07-404 - 2007 Federal Benefits Open Season: Conducting the Open Season.  Adobe Acrobat Version [65 KB]

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Retirement Resources Summary

This website provides theses resources for HR Specialists.

Benefits Officers Publications - Retirement and Insurance handbooks, administration letters, and pamphlets

FERRCA - Federal Erroneous Retirement Coverage Corrections Act (FERCCA) Homepage provides you with everything you need to know about FERCCA and it's implementation.

Resource Links - Quick links to retirement and insurance web pages at OPM and other agencies.

Sales - Retirement videos and posters for purchase.

Tools and Aids - Federal retirement Tools and Aids for Federal Benefits Officers.

Training and Education - Retirement workshops for HR Specialists and education programs for agency staff.

Additional information is added to the Federal Benefits Officers Page on a regular basis.  Suggestions for information and services that you would like to see added to these pages, should be directed to the Benefits Officers Training and Development Group at benefits@opm.gov.

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