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ALASKA - Anchorage International Rotary Club, a local host working with Open World grantee Rotary International, hosted a group of Russian media professionals July 21-Aug. 4, 2007 in part to commemorate the 200th year of Russian-American diplomatic relations. The delegates hailed from Vladivostock and St. Petersburg. The St. Petersburg colleagues from channel “100-TV”, produced an hour-long documentary called “Looking for Russian Alaska”, which aired during prime time in Nov. and Dec. 2007 in the St. Petersburg metro area. It depicts a strong Russian and American bond that continues to grow. “Looking for Russian Alaska” emphasizes that Alaska is proud of its Russian heritage. The Vladivostock delegates also produced a series of programs about Alaska which aired in Fall 2007. “Looking for Russian Alaska” will be available with English subtitles soon.
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