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Staffing, Recruiting, Examining, and Assessment Policy

This website is primarily for Human Resources Practitioners who seek information about all aspects of the Federal recruiting and staffing process. Job applicants and employees who have personal questions about hiring procedures or eligibility for specific occupations should contact the Human Resources Office at the agency where you are seeking employment.

Appointing Authorities — Types of appointments available for hiring job applicants, including special appointments for targeting veterans.

Assessment Techniques — Methods and techniques which can help identify the best qualified candidates for your jobs.

Competitive Hiring Process — Regulatory guidance for hiring job applicants under competitive examining.

Employment Laws and Regulations — Title 5, Code of Federal Regulations; Title 5, Merit System Principles; and Title 5, United States Code.

End to End Hiring Roadmap — Integrate and streamline the Federal hiring process and establish Governmentwide measures for the effectiveness of Federal hiring.

Exchange Programs — Federal programs that allow an exchange of employees between international organizations, private sector or Federal, state, Indian tribal, and local governments.

Medical Eligibility Requirements — Laws and regulatory information about medical standards, physical requirements, medical programs, and consideration of applicants with disabilities (including disabled veterans).

Qualification Standards and Policy — General guidance and regulations, including the qualification standards for white collar and blue collar (labor and trades occupations).

Recently Issued Staffing Policy and Regulations — Recently issued staffing policy memoranda, regulations.

Reports — Recent Federal Equal Opportunity Recruitment Program (FEORP) Reports and the Hispanic Employment Statistical Reports.

Restructuring and Workforce Reshaping — Regulations and guidance pertaining to major reorganizations, reduction in force, and transitioning of the work force.

Special Employment Programs — Recruitment programs for students, interns, Presidential Management Fellows and part-time employees.

Templates for Dual Compensation Waiver Requests — Criteria for agencies to request dual compensation waiver approval.

Veterans — Procedures for considering veterans during the Federal hiring process.

Other Resources and Links — Information about finding Federal jobs, position classification standards and policy, and the veteran's entitlements regarding Federal employment.