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PSC Strategic Plan

The Provider of Choice for Quality and Value in Shared Services

Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management

Our Mission

The PSC is the shared services provider for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). As such, the PSC provides full range of support services to the HHS and other Federal agencies, allowing them to focus on their core mission.

Our Vision

The PSC is the provider of choice for quality and value in shared services, across the Federal Government.



Geared for Excellence by Achieving Results

Operation: High GEAR is a major effort that lays out the Program Support Center’s strategic vision and turns it into reality. This effort will help us focus on leveraging our resources for high performance, with an emphasis on producing measurable results.

Here you will find all of the components of Operation: High GEAR including PSC’s strategic vision, goals, and the initiatives to realize the vision. The goals of Operation: High GEAR are to:

  • Communicate PSC’s direction and develop a shared understanding of PSC’s priorities
  • Provide visibility of the PSC strategy to business leaders and other stakeholders
  • Demonstrate the business value of the PSC and show how we can meet customer expectations and ultimately provide a competitive advantage



In order to transform the Program Support Center (PSC) into a robust, customer-focused shared services organization, the following strategic goals have been established:

Goal 1: Enhance and Stabilize Core Services and Functions
Focus on providing core services customers need.

Goal 2: Improve Service Delivery
Provide easy access to services and higher quality service.

Goal 3: Provide Best Value
Deliver appropriate value (minimize costs, conduct more efficient operations).

Goal 4: Integrate and Modernize Administrative Systems
Consolidate redundant systems into single delivery methods. Automate outdated systems.

Goal 5: Improve PSC’s Human Capital
Assess and address gaps in PSC workforce skills and competencies.


Strategy Map

PSC has further refined these goals using the format of a strategy map. The summary of this map shows in more detail, how we intend to fulfill our mission. Each line represents the interests of a specific group: Customers and Stakeholders, Internal Managers, Staff, and Finance.

PSC Strategy Map Outline – break down of goals into 4 categories: Customers and Stakeholders, Internal  Process, Staffing and Culture, and Financial