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About PSC

The Program Support Center (PSC) has a 12-year tradition of providing support services to all components of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and other Federal Government Agencies worldwide. Our broad range of over 60 product and service offerings include: administrative operations, financial management, occupational health, human resources, and strategic acquisitions.

PSC is a shared services organization dedicated to helping our customers achieve mission-critical results. Our business approach is to listen to, understand, and respond to your needs with high-quality solutions at the lowest possible cost.

PSC has five service units: Administrative Operations Service (AOS), Federal Occupational Health Service (FOH), Financial Management Service (FMS), Information and Systems Management Service (ISMS) and Strategic Acquisition Service (SAS). The PSC Business Office supports these units by ensuring that PSC prices are comparable to or less than those of competitors and by monitoring performance.

Administrative Operations Service

AOS provides a wide range of administrative and technical services including: property management, technical support, information technology, and other administrative and corporate support.

Federal Occupational Health Service

FOH provides comprehensive occupational health services, health and wellness programs, Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), work/life services, and environmental health and safety services.

Financial Management Service

FMS provides grant payment management services; accounting and fiscal services; debt management services; rate review, negotiation, and approvals for Departmental and other Federal grant and program activities; and fiscal advice, technical and policy guidance, and assistance in implementing new initiatives to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. FMS also offers HHS’ Center of Excellence for E-Gov Travel and uses and maintains the Unified Financial Management System (UFMS).

Information and Systems Management Service

ISMS provides an extensive array of information technology (IT) and technical support including: human resource systems; Freedom of Information Act implementation and records management; telecommunications services and management; Web content and publications management; IT infrastructure operations and consulting services; and maintenance of the Unified Financial Management System and the HHS Consolidated Acquisition System.

Strategic Acquisition Service

SAS provides fully integrated acquisition services to customers including: acquisition management, strategic sourcing, and the Supply Service Center.