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Budgeting and Taxes
    • Bank FindIs your Bank or Savings Association covered by FDIC Deposit Insurance? Check the FDIC’s “Bank Find” to verify whether your financial institution is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
    • Bank Products: What's Insured and What's Not – Mutual funds and annuities have their advantages, but it's important to understand how they work and what risks are involved.
    • Credit Union Find – Find a credit union in your local area
    • E-Banking: Banking on the Internet – On-line discussion about on-line banking and questions consumers should address before signing up for that service.
    • ETAsm --A Direct Deposit Account-- Is Direct to You (PDF) – Information on ETA --Electronic Transfer Account-- which uses direct deposit to transfer Federal benefits or payroll payments straight into your bank account. This file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.
    • In Plain English – Making sense of the Federal Reserve.
    • Insured or Not Insured – A Guide to What Is and Is Not Protected by FDIC Insurance.
    • Our Money – Examines currency issued by the U.S. government, including information about the history of currency, how money is printed, currency designs and counterfeit protection.
    • Publications – Consumer Banking publications available from the Federal Reserve.
    • The Life of a Check (Flash) – Ever wonder about the path your check takes after you write it? This link requires Flash 6.0 or higher.
    • The Life of a Dollar Bill (Flash) – The path of a dollar bill as it moves from printer to shredder. This link requires Flash 6.0 or higher.
    • Tips for Safe Banking on the Internet (PDF) – Brochure provides basic information and tips on using on-line banking services effectively.
    • Your Investments – Consumer facts about investments that are not deposits and are not insured by the FDIC.
  • Knee Deep in Debt – If you or someone you know is in financial hot water, consider these options: realistic budgeting, credit counseling from a reputable organization, debt consolidation, or bankruptcy. Tips on getting back in the black.
  • Managing Your Money in Challenging Times new

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