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The agency System-to-System interface, gives the grantor agency an alternative to the manual-login. The agency System-to-System interface helps your agency save time and resources by providing direct interaction between your system and to:

  • Automatically download/retrieve grant applications
  • Send applicants automated acknowledgement of application receipt
  • Assign agency specific tracking number System IntegrationAdobe PDF Document Provides a description of the services, parameters, schemas, and protocols of the System-to-System interface used by agencies and applicants to exchange data with the system.

NOTICE: Agency System-to-System Endpoint Access Limitation

The system is currently experiencing strain due to frequent user access. Agency System-to-System users are asked to limit their entry into the system for retrieving submissions and posting opportunities, to NO MORE THAN ONCE PER HOUR to reduce the load on the LDAP server.

Testing of any sort (i.e. application package submission) within the live Production environment is strictly prohibited. All S2S privileges will be revoked for any certificate associated with a test application package in the Production environment. All testing for must be completed in AT07.

Note: The Agency System-to-System 2006 Endpoint has been terminated. Agency System-to-System users are to access the system using the 2007 Agency System-to-System Endpoint:

System-to-System Interface Information and Reference Implementation:

Enhancements System Build - August 2009

Learn about the new functionality and system enhancements effective August 8, 2009 Adobe PDF

Release Notes

View the Latest Release Notes on the Adobe System, Effective August 5, 2009 Adobe PDF

Agency System-to-System Toolkit

January 11, 2008

Agency 2007 System-to-System Toolkit Adobe PDF


Agency Integration Design Specifications

System-to-System Interface

XML Document to RDBMS

Web Services to RDBMS

  • and Agency System-to-System Test Plan Adobe PDF Document
    Provides the test plan between and agencies that want to use the system-to-system interface to retrieve applications submitted for funding opportunities at their agency.
  • Testing Checklist MS Word Document
  • Test Site (AT) Guidelines Adobe PDF Document
    Guidelines to explain the purpose of the Test Site (AT) and to provide usage suggestions.
  • Certificates
    For all new certificate installations or renewals requests, please forward to If at all possible, please send all renewal requests at least 2 weeks prior to the expiration of your current certificate. In your request, please provide the following information:
    • Specify if it is for Production or ATWEB
    • Serial Number of the certificate
    • Email address for the certificate point of contact
    • Agency code within that it is associated with
    *If this is a self-issued certificate (it must not expire before one-year), please specify this when submitting your request. If you unsure of your agency code, please contact

Grantor User Feedback

Agency S2S ListServ

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