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PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS continues to have much success helping individuals, Find, Apply and Succeed at accessing federal funding. In its short existence, has already experienced tremendous growth and has received various accolades. View the latest program highlights and accomplishments below.

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May 18, 2009   Over 200,000 Submissions Received! has reached a new milestone, exceeding the number of submissions in FY 08 before the end of FY 09, as a result of the Recovery Act grant opportunities. On May 18, 2009, processed a total of 205,591 applications, surpassing the 202,133 applications processed in FY 08 with more than four months remaining in FY09.

The unprecedented number of applications processed so early in the fiscal year illustrates the success of the initiative. supports electronic applications that can be downloaded to any computer and provides online user support tools and personalized assistance from a dedicated customer support team. The result is a simplified and effective environment for the grant community to find and apply for grants.


May 13, 2009   The Office of Senator Mikulski Invites to Present “Find and Apply – Train the Trainer” presented the Find and Apply process, to include registration, to the staff of Senator Barbara Mikulski in Baltimore on May 13. The presentation was tailored to aid Senator Mikulski’s staff in assisting grant seekers and callers to the office of the senator in their search for federal funding. The “Find and Apply Train the Trainer” session, allowed the senator’s staff to learn the ins and outs of finding and applying for grants on as well as the role of in the Recovery Act.


March 31, 2009   National Grants Partnership

The National Grants Partnership held their quarterly summit, to discuss topics pertinent to the grant community. A GAO Auditor was present to speak on behalf of and the system capacity in regards to the Recovery Act. is expecting a 60% increase in website traffic and application submissions as a result of Recovery Act funding. The audience was engaged and quite interested in how the system would withstand such an enormous surge in traffic.


March 27, 2009   Congressman John Tierney Grants Seminar joined Congressman John Tierney along with 110 attendees for his annual grants seminar. Representatives of the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Commerce and Economic Development Administration, the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Department of Labor, the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Homeland; were also present for the event. presented information on finding and applying for grants as well as updates and enhancements to the system; to include the update to the organization registration process. The audience was very engaged and their questions were focused mainly on the registration process. The organization registration credentialing (username and password) process was updated on February 8, 2009; and is now being handled entirely by


January 12, 2009   Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP) Meeting

Along with many of the federal grant-making agencies, was invited to present on program activities and status including the transition to Adobe and the proposed system architecture within a "cloud computing" environment. provides regular updates to the FDP. Michael Pellegrino of the Program Management Office (PMO) provided a 30 minute presentation to an audience of approximately 125 members. The audience consisted of university scholars, federal agency representatives, and members of the general public.



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