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Teachers often use the Consumer Action Handbook to teach essential information about banking, credit, insurance, major purchases, complaint letters and other consumer topics. If you would like classroom copies of the Handbook, please click here.

High School Lesson Plans:
Lesson plans provided by Council for Economic Education

  • Consumer Complaints I: Students will summarize the basic strategy for resolving a consumer complaint, write an effective complaint letter for a consumer problem, and analyze the economic costs and benefits associated with consumer complaint.
  • Consumer Complaints II: Students will learn about private organizations (other than the seller) who assist consumers in resolving marketplace disputes and will identify the incentives these private organizations have to assist with consumer problems.
  • Consumer Complaints III: Students will identify and explain the role government agencies have in helping consumers with market problems and will create a plan for remedying a consumer problem.

Middle School Lesson Plans:

For additional resources, please visit the Federal Citizen Information Center's Free for Teachers page.

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