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EPA Model Renovation Training Course

Image of the Renovation and Remodeling Model Training Cover
(EPA 747-B-00-005/6)
September, 2000

Many common renovation, remodeling, and painting (R&R) activities in homes with lead-based paint can create hazardous amounts of lead in dust and debris.  In an effort to help control these hazards EPA has developed this course which provides simple strategies to reduce or eliminate the creation of hazards during R&R activities that disturb leaded paint.  The course materials include an instructors manual, students manual, and accompanying video.  It  was developed in a modular format so that the course can be provided in one day, or over several days.

Although EPA does not regulate R&R activities, it is currently evaluating regulatory options that can be instituted to control these hazards.  This course is intended to be the model training curriculum for any future regulations.  While it may be several years before the R&R regulation is fully implemented, EPA encourages R&R contractors to take this training or similar training which addresses the control of lead hazards during R&R activities.

This is a model training course.  As such, EPA encourages states, tribes, and other organizations to adapt the training, if necessary, to meet their specific needs and address local requirements. 

You will need the free Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

COURSE MODULES (PDF & PowerPoint formats)
PDF format
Instructor Student
Cover 1 pg, 590 KB 1 pg, 590 KB
Welcome 21 pp, 1.2 MB 8 pp, 1.2 MB 59 KB
Module 1: 
Why Should I Be Concerned About Lead Dust?
37 pp, 1.6 MB 18 pp, 1.5 MB 127 KB
Module 2: 
Set-up Your Work Space to Contain Lead Dust
46 pp, 3.4 MB 23 pp, 3.2 MB 1.7 MB
Module 3: 
Safe Work Practices
41 pp, 2.4 MB 17 pp, 2.4 MB 784 KB
Module 4: 
Clean-up and Check Your Work
29 pp, 2.1 MB 14 pp, 2.1 MB 887 KB
Module 5: 
Talking to Clients and Planning Work 
35 pp, 1.7 MB 18 pp, 1.6 MB 85 KB
Module 6: 
Supervisory and Business Issues
29 pp, 2.1 MB 14 pp, 2.0 MB 97 KB

Appendix 1: 
Lead Paint Safety:  A Field Guide for Painting, Home Maintenance, and Renovation Work(PDF) (86 pp, 1.8 MB)
Appendix 2: 
Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home Pamphlet (PDF) (18 pp, 653 KB)
Appendix 3: 
Pre-Renovation Education Rule Information (PDF) (38 pp, 1.6 MB)
Appendix 4: 
Liability Insurance Summary Fact Sheet (PDF) (6 pp, 14 KB)
Appendix 5: 
Overview of EPA and State Certification Requirements (PDF) (4 pp, 12 KB)
Appendix 6: 
EPA Waste Policy Guidance (PDF) (8 pp, 38 KB)

Spine (PDF) (1 pg, 6KB)
Tabs (PDF) (13 pp, 9 KB)
Course Evaluation (PDF) (2 pp, 166 KB)


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