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DHS OIG SA Timothy Morris Receives Life Saving Award

At the FLETC/Glynco cafeteria during the lunch hour on 3/17/09, SA J. Laureano, Housing and Urban Development Office of Inspector General (OIG), San Juan, began to choke. According to several witnesses, he was unable to breathe for approximately 45 seconds, turned red and appeared to become nearly unconscious. SA Timothy Morris, Department of Homeland Security OIG, Chicago, observed SA Laureano in distress and applied the Heimlich maneuver, which caused the obstruction to dislodge. The actions of SA Morris were heroic and life saving. SA Laureano was checked out by the health unit and returned to class.

SAs Morris and Laureano, as well as several of the witnesses to the incident were enrolled in Inspector General Transitional Training Program 901. The Inspector General Criminal Investigator Academy staff commended the swift and effective response of SA Morris with an unprecedented IG Academy Life Saving award at IG-TTP 901 graduation on 3/19/09.

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