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May 2009

Improving The Ability Of Inspectors General to detect, Prevent, And Help Prosecute Contracting Fraud - Statement of J. Anthony Ogden, Chair, CIGIE Legislation Committee (posted April 2009)
Federal Audit Executive Council Charter, reissued 04/21/09 (posted April 2009)
CIGIE Inspections & Evaluation Committee April 2009 Newsletter (posted April 2009)
2009 CIGIE Inspection & Evaluation Training Conference, June 16 & 17; Conference Agenda & Registration Information (posted April 2009)
Guide for Conducting External Quality Control Reviews of the Audit Operations of Offices of Inspector General ~ 2009 Complete Update (posted March 2009)
Federal Audit Executive Council 2009 Conference Information (posted March 2009)
USDA IG & CIGIE Chair, The Honorable Phyllis Fong's Testimony before Senate Committee on Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs Hearing,"Follow the Money: Transparency & Accountability for Recovercy & Reinvestment Spending;" 03/05/09 (posted March 2009)
CIGIE Charter; 0217/09 (posted February 2009)
CIGIE Strategic Business Plan, 2009-2010; 02/17/09 (posted February 2009)
CIGIE Audit Committee January 2009 Newsletter (posted Jaunary 2009)
Inspectors General: Implementing Thousands of Open Recommendations Could Save Taxpayers Almost $26 Billion; Issued by Representatives Waxman and Towns, and Senator McCaskill, January 2009 (posted January 2009)
IG Criminal Investigator Academy New Course Offering: Law Enforcement Ethics Instructor Certification Seminar (posted January 2009)
Spring/Summer 2008 Journal of Public Inquiry (posted January 2009)
Vacancy Announcements (updated 05/13/09)

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