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About ASI

About ASI  Accessible Space, a nonprofit organization, was founded in 1978. At that time, housing opportunities for adults with disabilities did not exist. Many people in need of attendant and homemaker support ended up in nursing homes. ASI offered a different option in which people could live independently in their own accessible, affordable cooperative homes or apartments and draw on supportive services as needed. ASI’s unique model enabled consumers to share service hours so supportive assistance would be available 24/7/365. Today the need for supportive housing and assisted living options continues to grow. Accessible Space’s initial five cooperative homes provided housing for 30 consumers in Minnesota. Now ASI is a nationwide organization with 101 buildings in 27 states.

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The mission of Accessible Space, Inc. (ASI) is to provide accessible, affordable, assisted/supportive and independent living opportunites for persons with physical disabilities and brain injuries, as well as seniors. This mission is accomplished through the development and cost-effective management of accessible, affordable housing, as well as the provision of assisted/supportive living and rehabilitation services.