Hubble Rendezvous Operations Under Way

Atlantis is set to grapple the Hubble Space Telescope with the shuttle's robotic arm at 12:54 p.m. EDT.
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Interactive Feature: Last Mission to Hubble

Meet the crew, learn about Hubble's new components, and see amazing images of the universe. › View Interactive Feature

Hubble Flight Tests Toolmakers

NASA's upcoming flight to service the agency’s Hubble Space Telescope will test more than 100 new tools developed to install and replace components, some of which designers never intended astronauts to fix on orbit. › Read More

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Michael Leinbach

Silver Bullet

NASA Shuttle Launch Director Michael Leinbach shows his lucky silver bullet while in firing room #4 of the NASA Kennedy Space Center, Launch Control...

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Test Your Knowledge

Who will command the STS-125 Mission to service the Hubble Space Telescope?

Gregory C. Johnson
Scott Altman
Andrew Feustel
Michael Good

Progress Resupply Craft Docks to Space Station

Herschel and Planck

Herschel and Planck Share Ride to Space

NASA Role in European missions

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