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Trials Suggest Potential Expanded Use for HER2-Targeted Agents

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Surgery Alone May Be Best for Early Uterine Cancer

Studies Assess the Economic Impact of Cancer Deaths

Meta-analysis Highlights Progress in Treating Advanced Breast Cancer

Rituximab Improves Outcomes for CLL Patients

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Cancer Research in a New Light

Two Prevention Trials Show Antioxidants Do Not Cut Cancer Risk

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Researchers Uncover Gene for Melanoma of the Eye Update
Insurance Coverage Laws for Patients in Clinical Trials

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Dr. David Sidransky

Tweaking and Testing Cancer Stem Cell Models

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Targeted Treatment for Advanced Solid Tumors

Winn Named DCCPS Deputy Director

Cancer Snapshots Collection Updated

New Spanish Language Education Resources Available

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Cancer Communications Initiative Expands into the Real World

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Dr. Deborah Winn Winn Named DCCPS Deputy Director
Dr. Deborah Winn was recently appointed the deputy director for the Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences (DCCPS). Dr. Winn has served as the division's acting associate director for the Epidemiology and Genetics Research Program (EGRP) since 2006. Prior to that, she served as a senior epidemiologist and as chief of the former Clinical and Genetic Epidemiology Research Branch in DCCPS. During her tenure in DCCPS, Dr. Winn has directed and coordinated NCI's extramural program of population-based research in cancer epidemiology. She has played critical roles in NCI's bioinformatics efforts in population sciences and has served as a key NCI spokesperson on epidemiologic topics to Congress and the public. She also represents NCI on several NIH working groups and advisory committees for genetics research. In addition, Dr. Winn has served on national and international committees concerning issues such as women's health and the environment and tobacco-related health risks and regulation.

Prior to joining DCCPS, Dr. Winn was a senior investigator and branch chief for oral epidemiology at the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research. She also served as the deputy director of the Division of Health Interview Statistics at the CDC's National Center for Health Statistics. Dr. Winn holds a Master of Science in Public Health and a Ph.D. in epidemiology from the University of North Carolina School of Public Health.

An image of one of the new nanotechnology Snapshots. Cancer Snapshots Collection Updated
NCI's Office of Science Planning and Assessment recently updated and released a collection of 24 Snapshots, including two new ones on nanotechnology and cancers in adolescents and young adults (AYA). The two-page Snapshots convey key information on disease incidence and mortality, NCI funding trends, relevant research activities, and recent scientific advances. The AYA Snapshot highlights common types of cancer affecting AYAs and includes plans for advancing research on those populations. The Nanotechnology Snapshot provides an overview of the field; its uses in cancer research, detection, prevention, and treatment; and highlights specific NCI nanotechnology programs, resources, and research advances. To view or download the Snapshots, visit

The cover of "Control del dolor: Apoyo para las personas con cáncer" (Pain Control: Support for People with Cancer). The cover of Cómo cuidarse mientras usted cuida a su ser querido (How to Take Care of Yourself While Taking Care of a Loved One). The cover of Control del dolor: Apoyo para las personas con cáncer (Pain Control: Support for People with Cancer). New Spanish Language Education Resources Available
Two new Spanish language education resources are now available from the National Cancer Institute. Cómo cuidarse mientras usted cuida a su ser querido: Apoyo para personas que cuidan a un ser querido con cáncer (How to Take Care of Yourself While Taking Care of a Loved One: Support for people who care for a loved one with cancer) is a culturally adapted translation of the NCI booklet, Caring for the Caregiver: Support for Cancer Caregivers. The second booklet is Control del dolor: Apoyo para las personas con cáncer (Pain Control: Support for People with Cancer), a culturally adapted translation of the English booklet. Both booklets are available from NCI's Cancer Information Service at 1-800-4-CANCER or All of the materials are free; a shipping charge is applied to orders of more than 20 items.

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