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Advanced Search Tips

The Advanced Search page offers a number of options to tailor your search to return the results you seek. The function of each option is described following the search sample below.

Experiment with the search sample. See how changing or deleting the values in each field affects the results. Use your browser's Back button each time to return to this page.

Find results
with all of the words
with the exact phrase
with any of the words
without the words

Find Results

with all of the words – This field behaves exactly like the input field on the basic search page. When you enter more than one word, results include pages that contain all of the words you entered.
with the exact phrase – Words you enter here are treated as a phrase, just as if you surrounded them with quotation marks. Results only include pages that contain the words you entered in the order you entered them.
with any of the words – This field combines all the words you enter with the "OR" operator. If you enter three words, results include pages that contain any one of them.
without the words – Whatever you enter here is treated as though you used the exclude operator (the hyphen or minus sign) in front of each word. Results only include pages that contain none of these words.
10 results – or 20, 30, 50 or 100. You choose how many results you want displayed on each page.

Additional Options

File Format
LanguageReturn pages written in
OccurrencesReturn results where my terms occur
Web Site Section return results from
   More Options

File Format – You can tailor results to include or exclude particular file formats using the "Only Return" and "Don't Return" options in combination with the file extensions in the list box.
Language – Return pages written in any language or specify only Spanish results.
Occurrences – At your option, specify results where your search terms occur only in the title or the URL of the page.
Web Site Section – You may specify that results return only from one of the six most searched areas of the Web site. Optionally, you may exclude results from any of these six.
More Options – On this page, there are 16 additional areas of the Web site where you may limit your search.

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