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Approved Consent Decree

The term of the Consent Decree was three years and that term expired on January 25, 2005. Although the Consent Decree is no longer technically in effect, all policies under the decree remain in place unless specifically changed.

As stated in the Order linked below, at the fairness hearing on November 26, 2001, the United States District Court for the District of Columbia approved the settlement of the Conanan class action complaint filed on behalf of African-American employees. The class complaint alleged race discrimination in competitive and noncompetitive promotions and selections for other positions. The FDIC and the Class Representatives were involved in mediation and intense negotiations for months, and after years of litigation reached a settlement. This site contains the approved consent decree and exhibits that explain the settlement. Exhibits 2 through 6 on this site were updated on May 24, 2001, to reflect the final versions approved by the Court. Exhibit 5 on this site was updated on October 17, 2001, to reflect the revised version of the Notice of Fairness Hearing approved by the Court. The revised Notice changed the deadline to file comments or objections regarding the Consent Decree to October 31, 2001. Also linked below are the Plaintiffs' Motion for Final Approval of Consent Decree and Class Certification, and the Memorandum in Support of the Motion, filed with the Court on November 14, 2001. As detailed in the other Order linked below, on November 21, 2001, the Court approved the Plaintiffs' request to amend the Consent Decree with additional language. You should ensure that you have the latest versions of these documents.

In late January 2002, the deadline for filing appeals of the Court's approval of the Consent Decree passed without any appeals being filed. Therefore, the Consent Decree is now final and binding.

Questions regarding the Consent Decree may be sent to conanancd@fdic.gov

The FDIC Personnel Compliance Officer is Lorinda Potucek.

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