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Diversity Progress Report

Building Commitment and Developing Awareness
  • A Diversity Web Site Provides employees with up-to-date news and information about the Plan and other diversity-related topics.
  • Noted experts in diversity are engaged by the Corporation to provide employees with opportunities to discuss diversity topics.
  • Diversity Awareness training is offered to all employees.
Enhancing the Corporate Recruiting Program
  • A core recruitment team provides guidance in attracting a diverse and highly skilled work force.
  • Internal Procedures are in place for establishing and advertising vacancy announcements that allow for the largest possible pool of qualified candidates.
Creating Development Opportunities
  • Several hundred employees have participated in a mentoring program since its inception.
  • A career Management Program is available to support employees in better managing their careers.
  • Numerous Internal and External developmental programs provide additional opportunities for many employees.
  • Cross-divisional detail opportunities are offered.
Enhancing the Internal and External Selection Process
  • Tools are available to explore job opportunities at the FDIC, including Web-based public access to vacancy announcements.
  • Standard procedures for rating panels ensure that merit promotion panels represent the Corporation's diverse workforce.

Addressing Benefits and Workplace Issues
  • Life Cycle Accounts help employees to address work/life balances by reimbursing expenses that are important to individuals at different life stages.
  • The Public Transit Subsidy program provides employees with the costs of using public transportation for home-to-work travel, up to the Internal Revenue's tax-free limit.
  • The LifeWorks program offers a one-stop resource for consultation, information, direction and personalized referrals to employees in balancing the demands of work with those of their personal lives.
The Chairman's Diversity Advisory Councils advise the FDIC Chairman, through the Director of the Office Diversity and Economic Opportunity, on diversity issues and concerns.
A Diversity Web site allows employees to ask questions or provide comments on diversity issues. Diversity Dialogue Groups enhance individual awareness and under- standing of workforce diversity, and promote individual learning and change.

Monitoring Progress and Establishing Accountability
  • Through their Performance Management Plans, executives, managers and supervisors are encouraged to promote and support a work environment in which all employees feel valued, respected and included. The diversity-related per- formance expectations for this group were expanded to include specific examples of behavior that managers can use to improve performance in this area.
  • An Organizational Assessment Survey obtained employee opinions about the FDIC's work environment and culture. The Diversity Strategic Plan provides for periodic progress reports on diversity initiatives. The Diversity Annual Performance Report is shared with all employees.
These are just a few of the innovative ways the FDIC is working to become a premier employer of choice.

For additional information go to FDIC Diversity Strategic Plan or contact the FDIC's Office of Diversity and Economic Opportunity at (703) 562-6062.

Working Together to Be the Best!
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