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Download the Report and Appendices

Report and Appendices in Portable Document Format (PDF)

Promoting Better Health for Young People Through Physical Activity and Sports
A Report to the President from the Secretary of Health and Human Services and the Secretary of Education (PDF-379K)

List of Appendices 1 - 28 (PDF - 70K)

Appendix   1:  The President's Memorandum/Directive
                     (PDF - 48K)

Appendix   2:  A Report of the Surgeon General: Physical
                     Activity and Health, At-A-Glance
                     (PDF - 984K)

Appendix   3:  Healthy People 2010 Physical Activity and
                     Fitness Objectives Relevant for Children and
                     (PDF - 46K)

Appendix   4:  Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System
                     (fact sheet)
                     (PDF - 44K)

Appendix   5:  CDC's Guidelines for School and Community
                     Programs: Promoting Lifelong Physical
                     Activity, An Overview
                     (PDF - 1,233K)

Appendix   6:  Classroom Health Education
                     (PDF - 71K)

Appendix   7:  Recess Periods
                     (PDF - 44K)

Appendix   8:  Extracurricular Physical Activity Programs
                     (PDF - 44K)

Appendix   9:  Why Children Need Physical Education
                     (PDF - 44K)

Appendix 10:  Characteristics of Quality Physical Education
                     (PDF - 79K)

Appendix 11:  Moving Into the Future: National Standards
                     (PDF - 6,059K)

Appendix 12:  Suggested Instructional Themes in Physical
                     (PDF - 70K)

Appendix 13:  Shape of the Nation: Executive Summary
                     (PDF - 6,095K)

Appendix 14:  National Standards for Beginning Physical
                     Education Teachers
                     (PDF - 56K)

Appendix 15: Adapted Physical Education National
                    (PDF - 56K)

Appendix 16: School Health Index for Physical Activity and
                    Healthy Eating: A Self-Assessment and
                    Planning Guide (brochure)
                    (PDF - 1,298K)

Appendix 17: Fit, Healthy, and Ready to Learn: A School
                    Health Policy Guide (fact sheet)
                    (PDF - 45K)

Appendix 18: Physical Fitness Demonstration Centers (fact sheet)
                    (PDF - 2,153K)

Appendix 19: Programs That Work (fact sheet)
                    (PDF - 55K)

Appendix 20: Guidelines for School Intramural Programs
                    (PDF - 110K)

Appendix 21: The NSACA Standards for Quality School-Age
                    Care: Standards, At-A-Glance
                    (PDF - 48K)

Appendix 22: School Health Programs: An Investment in
                    Our Nation's Future, At-A-Glance
                    (PDF - 1,284K)

Appendix 23: Active Community Environments (fact sheet)
                    (PDF - 1,422K)

Appendix 24: KidsWalk-to-School: A Guide to Promote
                    Walking to School (brochure)
                    (PDF - 1,131K)

Appendix 25: Fact Sheet: Physical Education (From CDC's
                    1994 School Health Policies and Programs
                    (PDF - 963K)

Appendix 26: SHPPS 2000: School Health Policies and
                    Programs Study (fact sheet)
                    (PDF - 2,520K)

Appendix 27: Action Steps
                    (PDF - 82K)

Appendix 28: National Coalitions
                    (PDF - 122K)

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