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Can Your Food Do That?
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Find out how eating healthy can be fun!
What does “Being Healthy” really mean? Eating a variety of nutritious food gives you the stuff you need to keep your body going, including calories that your body uses for energy.

A healthy person burns the energy from those calories every day by being physically active.
Banana Image Bananas and other fruits packed with potassium can help your muscles work their best so you can "monkey" around for hours.
Tomato Image Tomatoes and other healthy foods, together with exercise, can help keep you healthy and powerful so you can blow up balloons faster for a party!
Berries Image Blueberries, strawberries and other colorful fruits can help you stay healthy and strong and are also good for turning your tongue all the colors of the rainbow!
Sandwich Image Low-fat cheese on whole wheat bread can help make your body strong and might even make you burp louder!
Melons Image Melons like mango and watermelon and other fruits filled with Vitamin A can help you see better which can help you spit watermelon seeds right on target!
Fruits Image Oranges, lemons and other fruits packed with Vitamin C can help you heal faster but don't squeeze them on a cut-ouch! That's NOT fun!
Milk Image Low-fat milk and other milk products that are crammed with calcium can help make your bones strong so you can skateboard or bike better.
Turkey Dinner Image Chicken, fish and other lean meats are filled with protein and can help keep your muscles strong so you can win that next race.
Carrot Image Carrots and other vegetables jam-packed with vitamin A can help your eyes stay healthy so you can find your friends faster playing hide-and-seek!
Lettuce Image Leafy green vegetables full of vitamins help keep you energized so you can run your fastest during a soccer game!
Cereal Image A balanced breakfast can help kick-start your day and healthy eating can help you concentrate better in school, so you can become faster, stronger and smarter.
Beans Image Beans and other foods high in iron can help your body stay energized and you know what they say about beans!
Spinach Image Spinach and other foods high in Vitamin A can keep your skin healthy and you know who else gets their power from spinach, don’t you?
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