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Office of International Affairs

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FDIC OIA Contacts
International Deposit Insurance
International Directory of Deposit Insurers
Deposit Insurance: An Annotated Bibliography
Guidance for Developing Effective Deposit Insurance Systems
OIA Contacts
OIA Contacts
Fred S. Carns, Director Frcarns@fdic.gov 202-898-3930
John Di Clemente, Deputy Director JDiClemente@fdic.gov 202-898-3540
Gail Verley, Senior Advisor Gverley@fdic.gov 202-898-3863
Theresa West, Administrative Assistant TWest@fdic.gov 202-898-6919


Foreign Visitor Program
Galo Cevallos Gcevallos@fdic.gov 202-898-7439
Shilpa Shah Shshah@fdic.gov 202-898-8546
Robin Zaner rzaner@fdic.gov 202-898-6631


Technical Assistance Program
Lanu Duffy Lduffy@fdic.gov 202-898-6625
Steven Hanft Shanft@fdic.gov 202-898-3907


International-Related Applications
Galo Cevallos Americas Gcevallos@fdic.gov 202-898-7439
Lanu Duffy Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania Lduffy@fdic.gov 202-898-6625


International Organization Support
John Di Clemente ICERC and FSWG JDiClemente@fdic.gov 202-898-3540
Galo Cevallos ASBA Gcevallos@fdic.gov 202-898-7439
Lanu Duffy MENA Lduffy@fdic.gov 202-898-6625
Gail Verley IADI/EFDI Gverley@fdic.gov 202-898-3863
Judith Dupre IADI/EFDI Jdupre@fdic.gov 202-898-8533
Dave McDermott IADI/EFDI DMcdermott@fdic.gov 202-898-8511

IADI - International Association of Deposit Insurers
ICERC - Interagency Country Exposure Review Committee
FSWG - Financial Services Working Group
ASBA - Association of Supervisors of Banks of the Americas
MENA - Middle East-North Africa


Foreign Examiner Training
Patricia H. White PWhite@fdic.gov 703-516-1026

Last Updated 03/19/2008 Internationalaffairs@fdic.gov

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