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Publications & Documents - Listed by Topic

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Mission, Activities, and Administrative Actions

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Manuals, Guides for Bankers, Regulations


  • Compliance Examination Handbook
    Job performance aid for field examiners conducting Compliance and CRA examinations and Regional Office and Washington Office Staffs processing examination reports and related documents.
  • FFIEC Information Technology Examination Handbook
    Interagency guide to assist regulatory examiners in examining information systems operations in financial institutions and independent service bureaus.
  • Risk Management Manual of Examination Policies
    Developed primarily for the benefit of the field examiner. Sets forth in a concise, understandable and usable format those policies and examination objectives of the Corporation and the Division of Supervision and Consumer Protection which pertain to the safety and soundness banking examination.
  • Trust Examination Manual
    Designed both to assist the field examiner in planning and conducting examinations of trust departments, and to provide comprehensive reference material on trust concepts, principles, statutes, and regulations.

Guides for Bankers


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Consumer Publications

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Policy Research, Data, and Analysis

Research Studies and Analyses: Promote and contribute to critical banking policy research

  • Deposit Insurance: An Annotated Bibliography
    Contains citations and abstracts for books, journal articles, working papers, dissertations, conference proceedings, congressional hearings, and government and international agency reports on deposit insurance.
  • FDIC Banking Review
    (Quarterly) Periodical containing articles of interest to the banking community. Archive only; now incorporated into FDIC Quarterly.
  • FDIC Quarterly
    (Quarterly) Periodical containing a comprehensive summary of the most current financial results for the banking industry, along with feature articles. The FDIC Quarterly brings together data and analysis that were previously available through two retired publications -- the FDIC Outlook and the FDIC Banking Review. Past issues of both publications are archived under their original publication names.
  • Working Papers Series
    (Irregular) Collection of technical papers written by employees of FDIC.

One-time Studies

  • Brief History of Deposit Insurance
  • Government Studies on Deposit Insurance and Bank Failures
    A listing of major U.S. government studies related to deposit insurance and bank failures as compiled by the FDIC Library. Many of the studies touch upon issues related to depositor protection including the causes of bank failures, "too-big-to-fail" and moral hazard.
  • History of the Eighties
    Published in 1997, this two-volume study provides a detailed analysis of the complex combination of causes that led to the extraordinary number of bank failures in the 1980s and early 1990s.
  • Managing the Crisis: The FDIC and RTC Experience
    Published in 1998, this two-volume study reviews the resolution and asset disposition strategies developed and implemented by the FDIC and RTC in response to the banking crisis of the 1980s and early 1990s. It also reflects on the effectiveness of these methods and the lessons learned.
  • Resolutions Handbook
    A compilation of the lessons that the FDIC learned as it managed the banking crisis of the 1980s and 1990s.
  • The First Fifty Years: A History of the FDIC 1933-1983
    Prepared in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the FDIC, this study presented a readable overview of issues related to deposit insurance, and a history of the Agency itself.

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Risk Analysis: Emerging trends and risks in the banking industry

  • F Y I
    An electronic bulletin summarizing FDIC analysis of emerging issues in banking and the economy.
  • FDIC Outlook
    (Quarterly) Discussions of events and trends affecting insured depository institutions from a regional perspective.  Archive only; now incorporated into FDIC Quarterly
  • FDIC State Profiles
    Banking and economic conditions described for each state, listed by FDIC region. Updated quarterly.

Analytical Data and Reports: Timely and reliable banking industry data

  • Failed Bank Cost Analysis: Historical perspective of resolutions of the Bank Insurance Fund (BIF) and the Savings Association Insurance Fund (SAIF), with losses incurred or estimated to be incurred by the BIF and SAIF. The FBCA Report was discontinued in 2004. A FBCA database is available through the current year. Please contact the DOF Business Center at (703) 562-6251 for information on the FBCA database.
  • FDIC/OTS Summary of Deposits
    (Annual) Summary of deposits in all FDIC insured commercial and savings banks, savings associations (S&Ls) and U.S. branches of foreign banks. Survey results are compiled by geographic area in a series of six volumes. Each volume contains tables for a group of states organized by state and by county for each bank and banking office. A seventh volume includes totals for consolidated metropolitan statistical areas and states and counties.
  • Historical Statistics on Banking
    Year-by-year statistical information on the banking industry (beginning in 1934 for commercial banks and in 1984 for savings banks and savings institutions). Historical Statistics on Banking provides comprehensive lists of individual banks and thrifts that failed or received financial assistance from the FDIC or the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation (FSLIC).The national tables are now available as downloadable pdf files in three volumes.
  • Quarterly Banking Profile
    (Quarterly) Statistical compilation of aggregate industry financial data combined with a brief discussion focusing on current developments and trends. Published within 75 days of the end of the reporting period, providing the earliest release of industry-wide aggregate data. Issues from 1995 to present available on Internet. Archived issues may be obtained by contacting the Public Information Center. [To be renamed FDIC QBP - Quarterly Banking Profile]
  • Regional Economic Conditions (RECON)
  • Statistics on Banking
    (Annual, Updated Quarterly on Internet) Statistical profile of the U.S. banking industry. Includes the total number of banks and branches, and aggregate information on the assets, income, and liabilities of insured banks.
  • Trust Institution Information
    (Annual) Year-end data on trust assets for the 500 financial institutions with trust powers.

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Information for Contractors

  • FDIC Acquisitions Policy Manual -PDF Version 3 2904k (PDF help)
    Establishes policies and procedures for procuring goods and services on behalf of the Corporation in its corporate, receivership and conservatorship capacities.
  • Information for Prospective Outside Counsel
    This publication outlines how outside counsel can become eligible to provide services to the FDIC.
  • Office of Executive Secretary Contractor Ethics Decisions, 1996 - present.

Archive of Discontinued Publications

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