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Office of International Affairs

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Mission Statement
The Office of International Affairs coordinates the FDIC's subject matter expertise to address global financial issues of importance to the deposit insurance system and the banking public and to provide the highest quality technical assistance, training and consulting services to foreign deposit insurers, bank supervisors and resolution authorities. The Office serves as a central point for all international related activities, including guidance for traveling internationally on behalf of the FDIC.

The International Program Consists of the Following Major Areas:
  • Technical Assistance Program designed to provide on-site training, expert consultation, and examination and resolutions assistance to foreign bank supervisory authorities, deposit insurers, foreign central banks, and other foreign government agencies to enhance the development of foreign banking systems, bank supervisory framework, deposit insurance system, and to promote the exchange of information between the U.S. and other countries. Technical assistance is defined as work that is done for the benefit of a foreign country or group of countries that requires participation by FDIC staff in that country. Sponsoring organizations and entities are the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the Department of the Treasury, the State Department, the Financial Services Volunteer Corps, and USAID.  Contact Information

  • Foreign Visitor and Secondment Program designed for Foreign visitors seeking information about the U.S. banking system and the FDIC in order to develop and educate their staff and to exchange information. The duration of the foreign visits can range from a few hours to several days. A key aspect of the Program includes pre-planning with the visitor to clarify the nature of the visit, develop an agenda with the appropriate FDIC subject matter experts and to provide the administrative assistance for a productive meeting. The FDIC has hosted visitors from around the world.

    The Program also includes longer-term secondments. A secondment (internship) is established with a sponsoring organization, such as a central bank or deposit insurance agency entering into a memorandum of understanding with the FDIC. The secondee is not an employee of the FDIC during their internship, but remains an employee of the sponsoring organization. The secondee establishes an individual development plan which identifies key learning objectives to be addressed during the secondment and is critical to the individual's primary duties in their home country. The secondee provides a written report of their experience to the FDIC upon the completion of their assignment.  Contact Information

  • Foreign Examiner Training Program developed to provide appropriate, constructive assistance and technical training to those countries that are committed to developing and maintaining a highly skilled examiner work force. The FDIC Corporate University (CU) manages this program. The FDIC CU invites foreign central banks and supervisory authorities to send participants to specified FDIC examiner training schools held at the Virginia Square Training Center in Arlington, VA. Students are charged tuition and lodging fees.  Contact Information

  • International Leadership Development Program fosters improved relationships with international financial associations in providing leadership and guidance in the global banking, deposit insurance and financial services area. This involves providing technical assistance and administrative support, assuming leadership positions in international financial associations and both attending and conducting international conferences on emerging issues. The FDIC will maintain memberships and/or participate in certain strategic associations such as the International Association of Deposit Insurers (IADI) (www.iadi.org), Association of Supervisors of Banks of the Americas (ASBA) (www.asbaweb.org), the Treasury-led Financial Sector Working Groups, and European Forum of Deposit Insurers (EFDI) (www.efdi.net).  Contact Information
International Outreach:
FDIC subject matter experts participate as keynote speakers, panel members and facilitators for numerous international organizations' conferences, symposia and seminars. On November 2, 2007, FDIC Vice Chairman Martin Gruenberg was appointed by IADI to serve as Chairman of its Executive Council and President of the Association. In addition, as an Executive Council member the FDIC provides research to numerous policy and guidance papers and is serving as Chair of the Training and Conference Committee and Chair of the Data Base Management Subcommittee, leveraging FDIC resources to support the goals and objectives of IADI. As a current Board member for ASBA, the FDIC continues to participate and lead several working groups as well as providing instruction to ASBA-sponsored risk management training sessions. Partnering with EFDI, the FDIC is working to address cross-border bank resolution issues and similar deposit insurance challenges facing European countries and the U.S

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