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Information for Families' Rebuilding Efforts in Gulf Coast States

The FDIC recognizes that even a year after the hurricanes, families are struggling with difficult issues and decisions relating to housing. In an effort to help consumers, the FDIC and NeighborWorks® America created the Navigating the Road to Housing Recovery Guide (Guide) to assist consumers impacted by hurricanes Katrina, Wilma, and Rita. The Guide will also be a valuable tool for financial institutions, counselors, and other organizations working with consumers.

The purpose of the Guide is to help families make informed decisions, initiate a plan tailored to their needs, identify products and services that can be of assistance, and steer clear of mistakes.

Navigating the Road to Housing Recovery Guide
The Guide provides a wealth of information and resources on topics ranging from processing insurance and FEMA claims to development of spending plans and contractor selection. The Guide also features highlights of state assistance programs in Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. The Guide contains seven sections or "maps" – each based on a consumer's personal housing goals. Each "map" includes information relevant to the particular road an individual family may choose. Options include:

  • Repairing an existing home to pre-storm condition,
  • Rebuilding a home that cannot be repaired, but can safely be rebuilt,
  • Relocating elsewhere,
  • Selling the property,
  • Buying a new home,
  • Renting a residence

There is even a map for those Undecided and in need of assistance before making a decision.

Consumer Information Sessions
The FDIC and NeighborWorks® America will make the guide available through facilitated training sessions. The State of Louisiana is sponsoring Consumer Information Sessions using the Guide as part of their "Road Home Program." The first sessions were held on October 7, 2006, in Baton Rouge.

The schedule of other upcoming sessions is available on the NeighborWorks® Web site: http://www.nw.org/network/nwa.asp.

Similar sessions are also being considered for the other Gulf Coast states. These sessions will help homeowners establish a step-by-step rebuilding plan and provide guidance for accessing financial resources for covering gaps between available funds and the costs to rebuild. The session will also include tips for strengthening personal credit and developing family budget plans.

The FDIC and NeighborWorks® America will also work together to provide Train-the-Trainer sessions for bankers, non-profits, housing counseling agencies, and other organizations. These sessions will expand the capacity of organizations throughout the region to provide direct assistance to consumers.

For additional information on this program you can visit the NeighborWorks® America Web page at: http://www.nw.org/network/nwa.asp.

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