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Honor Award Nominations

The PCPFS Honor Award is given annually to an academic or research professional who has made a major contribution to the advancement and promotion of the science of physical activity, in addition to being an advocate of the PCPFS’ mission.

A call for nominations and submission information will be posted on the PCPFS and President’s Challenge (PC) websites and publicized in the PCPFS and PC e-newsletters. A request for nominations will be sent to professional associations by September 1 and Science Board members will be asked to notify other professional organizations of this opportunity as well.

Nominations must be submitted electronically by November 15 to the PCPFS office. Nominations will then be forwarded to the Science Board members. The Science Board will recommend an award winner to the PCPFS Executive Director at the annual December Science Board meeting. The PCPFS Executive Director will make the final decision and notify the award winner.

The award winner may not be a current member of the PCPFS Council and/or Science Board. Arrangements will be made by the PCPFS staff to present the award at a professional meeting, as appropriate.

Nominees not receiving the award will routinely have their credentials considered for a second year (i.e., once nominated, an individual is considered for two years).


September 1 – Call for nominations posted on web and letter sent to relevant member organizations.

November 15 – Nominations due to PCPFS office. Eligible winners forwarded to Science Board for review.

By December 15 – Science Board recommends winner to PCPFS Executive Director.

January (ensuing) – Award winner notified by PCPFS Executive Director and letter sent to person/organization making the nomination. Letters also sent to other people/organizations who submitted nominations.

Spring (ensuing) – Award presented.

For the Honor Award Nomination Form, click here.

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