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NASA Fit Explorer


How do astronauts prepare themselves physically for spaceflight?  Why must astronauts and children be strong and healthy to explore? How does the human body adjust to reduced gravity? How can I encourage students to train like an astronaut?

Inspire the nation’s future explorers by joining the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports (PCPFS) in a variety of exciting hands-on and physical activities to encourage student’s to train like an astronaut!

Developed in cooperation with NASA scientists and fitness professionals working directly with astronauts, the Fit Explorer Project is a physical and inquiry-based approach to human health and fitness on Earth and in space.  Students in grades NASA Fit Explorer Project Graphic3-5 will participate in physical activities modeled after the real-life physical requirements of humans traveling in space. Students will experience a simulated walk to their "base station", learn how to coordinate muscle movement like an astronaut on a space walk, practice post-mission improvements in balance, and other exciting mission based physical activities. Students will record their personal progress in a Mission Journal and earn points in the Fit Explorer Challenge by working with their crew members to progress through levels.

In the Fit Explorer Project, students will participate in structured, hands-on science activities. These hands-on explorations relate physical Earth-based needs to the requirements of exploring space and assist students in gaining an additional understanding of the science behind nutrition and physical fitness.

NASA’s Fit Explorer uses the excitement of exploration to challenge students to set physical fitness and research goals, practice physical fitness activities, and research proper nutrition, to enable each child to aspire to become our next generation of Fit Explorers!

Visit the NASA Fit Explorer Web site to find information on the challenge, along with related materials and resources for educators and informal audiences.

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Last updated on 08/04/2008


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