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Photos from the Article

The First Fifty Years: 1956-2006

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Hans Kraus, M.D.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower circa 1956, the same year he established the President’s Council on Youth Fitness.

Under President Eisenhower, Vice President Richard Nixon also served as the President's Council on Youth Fitness' first chairman.

President John F. Kennedy and Charles “Bud” Wilkinson, 1961

President Richard Nixon with Christine Spain (left) and Marta Geletkanycz

With the U.S. space program at the forefront of national attention, Lovell was asked by President Lyndon B. Johnson to be a consultant to the PCPFS.

Dr. Richard Keelor

President Jimmy Carter meets with the PCPFS.

President Gerald Ford

NFL football coach George Allen served as Council chairman of the PCPFS from 1981-87.

President Reagan and longtime PCPFS staff member Glenn Swengros

PCPFS Chairman George Allen (second from right) conducts a Council meeting.

Allen with four of the ten 1988 recipients of the Healthy American Fitness Leaders Award (left to right): Denise Austin, James Lovell, Tenley Albright, and Gayle Barron

President Ronald Reagan light-heartedly demonstrates strength training.

Asahel (“Ash”) Hayes at the 1983 White House Symposium on Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine. Hayes was PCPFS executive director from 1984-1989.

C. Carson (“Casey”) Conrad, the PCPFS’ first executive director, served throughout the Nixon,
Ford, and Carter administrations and the first Reagan term (1970-1984).

President Bush visits with actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, chairman of the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, in the White House to discuss goals and objectives for the Council.

President Bill Clinton runs on the National Mall with (left to right) Al Joyner, PCPFS co-chairs Florence Griffith Joyner (“Flo Jo”) and Tom McMillen, and Matt Guidry.

Sandra Perlmutter, PCPFS executive director, 1993-2001

Press conference launching “The Nolan Ryan Fitness Guide.” From left to right are James Rippe (Advil Forum on Health Education), HHS Secretary Donna Shalala, baseball great Nolan Ryan, and PCPFS co-chair Tom McMillen (August 1994).

President George W. Bush greets members of his President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports at the launch of the Council's interactive physical activity and fitness Web site, www.presidentschallenge.org, in Dallas, Texas. Council members, left to right: Dot Richardson, Lynn Swann, John Burke, and Tedd Mitchell.

Lynn Swann
PCPFS Chairman 2002 - 2005

John Burke
PCPFS Chairman 2006 - present

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Last updated on 09/19/2008


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