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U.S. Office of Personnel Management - Ensuring the Federal Government has an effective civilian workforce

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Performance & Accountability Reports (PARS)

Strategic Plan 2002-2007



Federal Contributors:

Ainsworth, Kim
Boston Federal Executive Board

Benton, David
US Coast Guard

Byrnes, Tim

Callahan, Cathleen
Oregon Federal Executive Board

Carrington, Jacquelyn
Dept. of State

Crocetti, Don
Baltimore Federal Executive Board

Deskins, Laura

Erwin, Carol Lynn
Dept. of the Interior

Fleming, Edwin

Gallo, J.
Dept. of Commerce

Gordon, Kato
US Army

Hillman, Cindy
Kansas City Federal Executive Board

Hutt, Charles
U.S. Geological Survey

Janisch, Pamela

Kerchner, Jon

Ratcliffe, Jack
Philadelphia Federal Executive Board

Reeves, Douglas
Dept. of Transportation

Rundle, Kathleen

Steckler, Dan
Dept. of Energy

Thompson, Janet
Personnel and Security, WHS

Whitesell, Mark
Dept. of the Interior

Wilkinson, John
National Science Foundation

NGO Contributors:

Chan, Robert
Performance Results, Inc.

Cook, Don
(e-mail comment)

Corey, Tom
Vietnam Veterans of America

Hochstein, Bryan
QuickHire, Inc.

Stephens, Jerry & Linda
(e-mail comment)

Stier, Max
Partnership for Public Service

Walter, Richard


Special thanks for going the extra mile to...

Senator Fred Thompson, for his suggestions for alignment and evaluation.

OMB’s Resource Management Office OPM team, for their suggestions on how to focus on OPM’s Governmentwide impact.

Ed Stephenson, General Accounting Office, for the Legislative Branch perspective.

Pete Smith, Private Sector Council, for the business perspective.

Maurice McTigue, Mercatus Center, George Mason University, for his academic, international and cross-agency perspective.

Myra Shiplett, National Academy of Public Administration, for her knowledge of Federal human capital throughout the departments and agencies.

Claudia Horn, Performance Results, Inc., for her facilitation and overall plan support.


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