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Japanese high school students' awareness of AIDS.

Fuchi I, Nishimaki K, Minamiyama M, Kotani M; International Conference on AIDS.

Int Conf AIDS. 1994 Aug 7-12; 10: 350 (abstract no. PD0581).

Syukuin Public Health Center, Japan.

OBJECTIVE: Important topics for the prevention of HIV/AIDS include educating youth, counseling HIV carriers, warm and humane treatment and careful nursing in the hospital. In this study we attempted to determine how much high school students know about HIV/AIDS. METHOD: Questionnaires were completed by 5,000 high school students in Sakai City prior to hearing lectures on HIV/AIDS. RESULTS: 1. Percentage of correct responses to various questions: Meaning of the word "AIDS," 86.4%; Breast milk infection, 44.7%; Prevention by condom, 90.5%; Length of time for AIDS to develop antibodies, 70.8%; Estimated world-wide rate of infection, 37.7% 2. Among the respondents, 96.5% thought that the HIV/AIDS education given in Japanese schools is not very reliable. DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION: High school student have only an uncertain understanding of HIV/AIDS which means that the medical profession must cooperate in informing them about HIV/AIDS in general, infection routes, methods of prevention, and, from a humane point of view, help them remove their anxieties and misgivings.

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