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Jejunal biopsy in HIV infected patients.

Elia CC, Madi K, Trajman A, Silva CV, Kotze LS, Barroso PF; International Conference on AIDS.

Int Conf AIDS. 1990 Jun 20-23; 6: 213 (abstract no. Th.B.367).

Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the histomorphologic aspects and the presence of microorganisms in the intestinal mucosa, correlating these findings to the clinical stage. PATIENTS AND METHODS: Peroral jejunal biopsy was obtained with a Watson capsule in 43 patients with HIV infection, defined as two positive serologic tests (ELISA and IMMUNOFLUORESCENCE). According to the 1986 Centers for Disease Control classification, 33 patients were at stage IV (21 with and 12 without diarrhea), 3 at stage III and 7 at stage II. RESULTS AND CONCLUSIONS: Subtotal villous atrophy (28.6%;p less than 0.02) and severe mononuclear infiltrate (23.8%;p=0.02) were only found in group IV patients with diarrhea. Crypt regenerative activity was present in all but two patients. Intraepithelial lymphocyte count was decreased in patients with diarrhea but this was not statistically significant (p=0.06). Specific infectious agents were unexpectedly rare for the tropical developing country population studied: they were found in 33.3% of patients presenting with diarrhea and in 18.8% of those without this symptom. The most common organism associated with diarrhea was Cryptosporidium sp. (57%). The etiology of diarrhea in a significant number of patients remains unclear.

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