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Japanese nurses' perception toward HIV/AIDS patient care.

Katada N; International Conference on AIDS.

Int Conf AIDS. 1994 Aug 7-12; 10: 232 (abstract no. PB0942).

Professional Committee on Nursing, Japanese Nursing Association, Tokyo.

OBJECTIVE: The objectives of this survey were to identify the perception of the nurses who works in hospital toward HIV/AIDS patient's care and to examine the present need of the nurses for making appropriate JNA strategies to insure the quality of nursing care for HIV/AIDS patients in Japan. METHODS: The subjects of the study were conventional sample of nurses (N=4146-return rate of 88%) who works in the hospital. The questionnaire which was developed by the Committee were distributed to 20 hospitals per prefecture through each prefectural NA (47). The questionnaires were returned directly and anonymously to JNA headquarters by mail. RESULTS: Among 4146 nurses, only 10.6% of the nurses had experiences with the care of HIV/AIDS patients. The responses to questions about the precaution for several daily procedures were indicating over protectiveness among respondents. About 12% of the nurses were expressing their uneasiness of caring HIV/AIDS patients due to lack of their knowledge about how to take care of the patients. DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSIONS: Ministry of health had proposed to assign core center for HIV/AIDS patients in each prefecture. However, the early encounter with HIV/AIDS patients would remain in any hospital as actual possibility. The study indicated basic knowledge dissemination about necessary nursing practice as well as continuous reassurance of learned know-how.

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