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Lister Hill Center Director Named

NLM Director Donald A.B. Lindberg, M.D. has announced the appointment of Clement J. McDonald, M.D. as Director, Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications at the National Library of Medicine.

Dr. McDonald is a distinguished physician-scientist and one of the nation's most accomplished and most productive experts in the field of electronic health record systems. He was previously Regenstrief Professor of Medical Informatics at the Indiana University School of Medicine and the Director of the Regenstrief Institute for Health Care, a privately endowed research institute internationally renowned for the study of health-care quality and economic issues. Dr. McDonald developed the Regenstrief Medical Record system and directed its use in clinical trials that have illuminated the ways in which electronic records can improve patient care. He created the Indiana Patient Care Network, now considered a national model for regional health information exchange.

Dr. McDonald is an international pioneer in the development of health data standards. He directed an NLM-funded informatics training center at Indiana University. He has been the recipient of many research grants and contracts from NLM, other NIH components, other federal agencies, and several foundations.

Dr. McDonald is a member of the Institute of Medicine, a past-President the American Medical Informatics Association, and recipient of the Morris Collen Award of the American College of Medical Informatics, among many other honors. He currently serves on the Board of the American College of Physicians.


Last reviewed: 20 September 2006
Last updated: 20 September 2006
First published: 20 September 2006
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