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NLM Associate Director for Library Operations Appointed

NLM Director Donald A.B. Lindberg, M.D. has announced the appointment Sheldon Kotzin to the position of Associate Director for Library Operations.

Library Operations, NLM's largest component, comprises the Bibliographic Services Division, History of Medicine Division, Public Services Division, Technical Services Division, National Network Office, National Information Center on Health Services Research and Health Care Technology, and the Medical Subject Headings Section.

Mr. Kotzin, who has headed the Library's Bibliographic Services Division since 1981, has a Master of Library Science degree from Indiana University in 1968. Following graduation he came to the NLM as a Library Associate. He subsequently served as Head, Catalog Maintenance Unit in the Technical Services Division, Head of the Collection Access Section (then Loan and Stack Section) in the Public Services Division, and Coordinator of the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (then Regional Medical Library Network), before becoming Chief of the Bibliographic Services Division.

Since 1998, Mr. Kotzin has also served as Executive Editor of MEDLINE and Administrator of the Literature Selection Technical Review Committee, the body that reviews and recommends journals for indexing in MEDLINE. He is also NLM's representative to the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors, a group of 12 clinical journal editors who establish standards for submission of journal articles.

Among his outside activities, Mr. Kotzin has served on and chaired numerous committees of the Medical Library Association and served on two national meeting planning committees. He has been an officer of the Montgomery County (Md.) Library Board and the Board of Directors of National Federation of Abstracting and Information Services.

In announcing the appointment Dr. Lindberg, thanked Ms. Becky Lyon for ably serving as Interim Associate Director for Library Operations, and he congratulated the staff of the Library Operations Division for continuing their customary high levels of productivity, service, and accomplishment over the past 18 months.


Last reviewed: 18 August 2006
Last updated: 18 August 2006
First published: 18 August 2006
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