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U.S. Office of Personnel Management - Ensuring the Federal Government has an effective civilian workforce

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Performance & Accountability Reports (PARS)

Strategic Plan 2002-2007


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OPM was created by the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978. The legislation empowered OPM to supervise personnel management in the executive branch and the Director of OPM to be the President’s principal advisor in matters of personnel administration. OPM is responsible for planning for the future needs of the Federal workforce and for helping agencies improve human resources management to achieve human capital objectives.

What does OPM do?

OPM works with the President, Congress and stakeholders to establish and implement human capital policy that supports Federal agencies in achieving their strategic goals.

  • Assists with recruiting citizens to Federal service by serving as the main portal for information and connecting job applicants with departments and agencies to meet their staffing needs.
  • Ensures departments and agencies are working effectively toward meeting the human capital goals of the President’s Management Agenda.
  • Advises departments and agencies on human capital program design.
  • Works with Congress, departments, agencies and other stakeholders on developing effective compensation and performance management programs.
  • Monitors workforce diversity and merit-based human capital practices to ensure all Federal employees operate in a fair and discrimination-free environment.
  • Approves, promotes and evaluates demonstration projects to help agencies develop more effective human capital programs and practices.
  • Administers benefit and personnel security programs.
  • Develops managers and executives across Government to help agencies meet their strategic objectives.
  • Manages its own resources responsibly and with accountability.

Whom does OPM serve?

  • OPM serves the President by functioning as the corporate human capital organization in the Federal Government.
  • OPM serves Federal employees and their families through our human capital policies and by administering retirement, health benefits, long-term care and life insurance programs.
  • OPM serves the American public directly through the recruitment, selection and retention of the Federal workforce and other human capital policies designed to help agencies improve the effectiveness of that workforce.


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