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U.S. Office of Personnel Management - Ensuring the Federal Government has an effective civilian workforce

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Performance & Accountability Reports (PARS)

Strategic Plan 2002-2007

OPM Goals

"The government needs new talent, new energy, and new creativity to do the work of government in the 21st Century. It needs the best and the brightest – go-getters with fresh ideas who are eager to make a contribution."

Kay Coles James, Director of OPM

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OPM works with the President, Congress, departments and agencies, and other stakeholders to implement human capital policies that assist Federal agencies in meeting their strategic goals. This is accomplished by recruiting citizens to Federal service, by serving as the main portal for employment information and connecting job applicants with Federal agencies and departments. OPM connects people and their skills and talents to Federal agencies that need specific human resources and provides these agencies with policies and guidance that enable them to capitalize on these skills and talents.

OPM strives to inspire Federal agencies to look to us for guidance, direction and leadership when it comes to managing human capital. We do this by providing the best possible tools, resources and expertise available.


  1. Federal agencies adopt human resources management systems that improve their ability to build successful, high performance organizations.
  2. Federal agencies use effective merit-based human capital strategies to create a rewarding work environment that accomplishes the mission.
  3. Meet the needs of Federal agencies, employees, and annuitants through the delivery of efficient and effective products and services.

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