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U.S. Office of Personnel Management - Ensuring the Federal Government has an effective civilian workforce

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Performance & Accountability Reports (PARS)

Strategic Plan 2002-2007

The Director's Strategic Outlook

President George W. Bush has set forth a bold plan to reform the management of the Federal Government. The President’s Management Agenda calls for a Government that is citizen-centered, not bureaucracy-centered; results-oriented and market-based, actively promoting rather than stifling innovation through competition. Its five Governmentwide initiatives are the strategic management of human capital, expanded electronic government, competitive sourcing, improved financial performance and budget and performance integration.

Motivated, talented employees are key to the success of all the initiatives, and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is proud to accept the President’s charge to lead the human capital effort Governmentwide. This strategic plan explains the goals we have set for ourselves to create a world class personnel system designed to attract and retain great people, to pay them at market-sensitive rates and to offer them an attractive benefits package with great products such as our new long-term care option, to offer incentives for exceptional contributions, and to ensure accountability for individual and organizational performance.

It is OPM’s job to ensure Federal agencies adopt the strategies that produce a workforce capable of delivering the services the American people want and deserve. Whether it is our heightened homeland security needs, the health of our people, or the education of our children, America demands the best from its public servants and, as the events of September 11 and after have shown us, fully appreciates that service when done well.

OPM is committed to attracting the best to serve our country as Federal employees. The ability to do so depends in part on how young people perceive public service. OPM is working to change the image of public service to reflect the challenges our workforce meets every day. If we are to compete successfully for talented people, the public needs to have an accurate, unbiased understanding of all we in the Federal Government do. The foundation of that understanding is not hype or spin, but results. Improved performance of the Federal workforce is the best thing that can happen to the image of public service.

Kay Coles James


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