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Clinical and Immunological Investigations of Subtypes of Autism
This study is currently recruiting participants.
Study NCT00298246.   Last updated on April 24, 2009.
Information provided by National Institutes of Health Clinical Center (CC)
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This page is available for displaying summary results information from completed studies (available as of September 24, 2008). However, no results data have been posted for this study. While all studies registered at ClinicalTrials.gov may submit results information, US Public Law 110-85, Title VIII, and the Maine state law on prescription drug clinical trial reporting require the posting of results for certain clinical trials at ClinicalTrials.gov within a specified time period.

Note that some studies will not have results posted for various reasons, including the following: the trial is not yet completed; the results data are being analyzed for future posting; mandatory submission requirements do not apply; or the deadline for results reporting has not been reached. Links to other resources providing results information for this study, including peer-reviewed publications, may be available in the full text view.