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HCAAF Resource Center

Audience for the HCAAF Resource Center

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This resource center provides information for human capital practitioners and line managers/supervisors and senior leaders throughout the Federal Government to use in strategically managing human capital in compliance with merit system principles. For the purpose of this resource center, human capital practitioners are those persons who help agencies implement and achieve strategic human capital management in compliance with merit system principles.

  • Human capital practitioners may be internal to the agency (e.g., CHCOs, internal agency consultants, or human resource specialists who contribute directly to human capital programs and policies) or external to the agency (e.g., OPM Human Capital Officers (HCOs), auditors).

  • HCOs and auditors may use the information in this resource center to assess agencies’ progress against standards and provide guidance to assist agencies with improvement efforts.

  • Agencies may use this Guide for self-assessment to identify aspects for improvement and/or alternative methods of achieving successful human capital management.

  • Line managers/supervisors and senior leaders may use the information as a training resource to improve ability to effectively manage human capital.
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