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Emergence of Human Capital Practitioners

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Human resources management has evolved over the years from more traditional models of HRM and personnel to strategically positioned human capital management. This evolution links HR programs and practices to organizational business strategy and mission.

Traditional personnel management services are only one part of an evolutionary chain that includes a shift away from a primary focus on technical skills and transactions to a more strategic focus that aligns human capital and business needs. Practitioners of traditional HR are being asked to expand their services and expertise to support a focus on the strategic management of human capital.

Even what we have traditionally called this profession is transitioning. We have moved from the title “Personnel Management Specialist” to “Human Resources Management Specialist.” Now we are beginning to accept the term “Human Capital Practitioner” to reflect the focus on strategic human capital management, a focus that requires a direct line of sight to the agency’s strategic goals.

These human capital practitioners are increasingly called upon to understand their clients’ mission and business strategy. Instead of applying “one size fits all” HR solutions, human capital practitioners need to select and tailor programs and practices to build the organizational competencies and workplace environment their specific organization’s strategy requires to succeed.

Moreover, the increased delegation of human resources authorities to line managers means human capital practitioners and line managers now share accountability for the success of human capital management and must work more collaboratively to achieve it.

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