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HCAAF Resource Center

Getting Assistance

The following assistance is available to you if you need further guidance:

  • This Resource Center and the HCAAF Practitioners’ Guide provide several methods for achieving the results for the critical success factors within each system of the HCAAF (Human Capital Assessment and Accountability Framework). However, they are not meant to be all-inclusive. Federal government human capital practitioners may need to search for other methods if their individual agency’s requirements differ from the list of suggested methods. The suggested performance indicators provided for each critical success factor will help agencies decide if they have implemented practices that lead to achieving results.
  • If you need further guidance, OPM has highly skilled Human Capital Officers (HCOs) who serve as strategic partners to agency key leaders on human capital initiatives. If you need further guidance about the HCAAF or human capital initiatives, contact your agency-specific Human Capital Officer.