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Retirement Information & Services

My Annuity

As a Federal annuitant receiving monthly benefits you can browse the listings below to see how to manage your monthly annuity benefits online.

The Online Services section lists the websites that OPM’s provides for annuitants to manage their monthly annuity benefits.

The Report a Missing Payment or Death sections provides online access to submit information on missing payments and the ability to report the death of anyone receiving a regular monthly payment from OPM.

Voluntary Annuity Allotments are withholdings that can be withheld from your monthly annuity benefit. Federal and State Tax, Savings Bonds and Financial Allotments are examples of Voluntary Annuity Allotments. The election to make an allotment or withholding change can be made online with Services Online.

Other Information of Interest section lists information about cost of living increases, information on life changing events after retirement, and important dates for annual mailings and the last day to make changes to your monthly annuity.

Online Services

Report a Missing Payment or Death

  • Missing Payment(s) – Notify the Office of Personnel Management of a missing payment.
  • Report of Death -- Report Death of Federal employees, retirees and survivors

Voluntary Annuity Allotments

Other Information of Interest