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Retirement Information & Services


You can use our online tools to make the following calculations and changes to your benefit payment.


  • Compute the tax-free portion of your annuity payments.
  • Figure your monthly Federal income tax withholding.
  • The FEGLI Calculator is an online, interactive calculator that allows you to determine the face value of your FEGLI insurance; calculate how much you are paying for this coverage; see how choosing different options can change the amount of your life insurance and your premium withholdings; and see how the life insurance carried into retirement will change over time.

Online Systems

  • Use Services Online to view a statement of your annuity, start, change, or stop your Federal and State income tax withholdings and obtain duplicate tax statements (Form 1099-R's), notify us of changes in your mailing address, sign up for or change your account or financial institution for direct deposit of your annuity payment, and make allotments to organizations, or create checking or savings allotments.
  • Use our Student Self-Certification System to verify student full time high school and college attendance.
  • Use Retiree Open Season Online System to make your Health Benefits and Dental and Vision Insurance changes.

Other Tools of Interest