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The Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration


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Updating a Domain Name at SAMHSA

SAMHSA Web policies and guidelines are for Web developers, government project officers, and other individuals involved with the oversight or development of SAMHSA funded web sites.

Below is the process for updating a SAMHSA third level domain name (ex. or changing a SAMHSA web site IP address. Please read HHS's Domain Name Policy before making a request.

Domain Name Request Process

Send the SAMHSA Webmaster a Domain Name Change Request 48 hours before you would like the domain name or IP address updated. For example, if you want the domain to point to a new IP address on Thursday, send your request on Tuesday. Please include:


  • The current ame of the Domain (if exists)
  • List any domain aliases for this site or web application
  • Is this site hosted at SAMHSA? yes / no
  • Provide SAMHSA Project Officer name and telephone


  • The new Domain Name being requested request (if applicable)
  • The new IP address for the domain (if applicable)
  • The date and time you would like this request to happen *
  • The SAMHSA Project Officer’s name and telephone number


  • Company Name
  • Technical Contact Name
  • Contact Email address
  • Contact telephone number


  • Company Name / Organization
  • Technical Contact Name
  • Contact Email address
  • Contact telephone number

Send the email to, and CC your project officer at SAMHSA. We will then seek approval from your P.O. for the transfer. Once we receive approval for the transfer, we will process the request.

* Please note SAMHSA cannot guarantee the transfer will take place at a specific time, but we will do our best to try and make that happen. Thank you.


Last Update: 11/24/2008