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MON, MAY 11, 6:41 PM EST

A Few Laughs

The President cracks jokes about the press corps, his Administration, his critics, and himself at the White House Correspondents' Dinner.
Includes video.
MON, MAY 11, 3:39 PM EST

Meet the Office of Public Engagement – and the Citizen’s Briefing Book

The President announces that the Office of Public Liaison has a new name and a new mission, one captured in the spirit of the Citizen's Briefing Book.
Includes video.
MON, MAY 11, 1:21 PM EST

Coming Together, Bringing Down Costs

The President hosts a remarkable health reform meeting, both for the $2 trillion in national savings that was discussed, and for the stakeholders attending. Few would have imagined all of them sitting across the table from each other not so long ago.
SAT, MAY 9, 2:49 PM EST

Latino Town Hall: Full Video and Transcript

Watch the full video of the first, read the full transcript in Spanish or the President's remarks in English.
Includes video.
SAT, MAY 9, 1:00 AM EST

Weekly Address: Credit Card Reform

The President calls on Congress to pass a vital credit card reform bill to keep companies from ripping off working Americans.
Includes video.



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