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Civil Rights 

Photograph of the Lincoln Memorial (courtesy of the Library of Congress)The FBI is the lead agency for investigating violations of federal civil rights laws…and we take that responsibility seriously. Why? Because as Director Mueller has said, “When just one of us loses just one of our rights, then the freedoms of all of us are diminished.” Find out here how we aggressively investigate and work to prevent hate crime, color of law abuses, human trafficking, and freedom of access to clinic entrances violations—the four top priorities of our civil rights program. And learn how you can report suspected abuses and obtain assistance if you have been victimized.

Hate Crime
Color of Law
Human Trafficking
Freedom of Access
Photograph of burned out car
Photograph of a gavel (courtesy  of the U.S. Courts)
Human trafficking photo (courtesy of the Department of Homeland Security)
Photograph of a blocked clinic entrance
Investigating hate crimes—attacks motivated by bias—is our top civil rights priority because of the terrible toll it takes on communities and families. Details Those sworn to protect and serve our country must themselves uphold the law and the U.S. Constitution. We investigate “color of law” abuses by public officials, including use of excessive force. Human trafficking is nothing less than modern-day slavery, often preying on society’s most vulnerable members. Visit our human trafficking website for more information. It’s a federal crime to interfere with a person’s ability to obtain or provide reproductive health services through violence or intimidation and to damage property at these sites. Details