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  • NIH Portal (
    A single place to access all the information you need to do your job, 24 hours a day, whether you are at work, in a satellite office, at home, or on business travel.
  • Mathematical Applications
    Helix Systems provide access to mathematical and statistical applications, such as MATLAB, Mathematica, R, SAS, IDL, S-Plus, and Gauss, on multiple hardware platforms.
  • Mathematical and Statistical Analysis
    We perform research and provide expert advice in the quantitative sciences mainly in collaboration with scientists from other institutes at NIH.
  • Image Analysis and Molecular Graphics
    Software resources are available from Helix Systems for running image analysis and graphical applications, including AFNI, FSL, EMAN, Huygens, IDL, POVRay, and Imaris.
  • Biowulf Cluster
    The NIH Biowulf cluster is a GNU/Linux parallel processing system designed and built at the National Institutes of Health and managed by the Helix Systems Staff.
This page last reviewed: April 29, 2009