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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are questions contractors have asked the Webmaster to clarify. We will continue to update this page as new questions are received. Click here if you are looking for 508 related FAQs.

SAMHSA Web Policy:

What is SAMHSA’s Web Content Management Policy?
SAMHSA does permit third-party CMS systems to be installed on its Web servers. Several content management systems are being evaluated by the Division of Technology Management (DTM) team for future use.

Does this SAMHSA Web Policy apply to all SAMHSA Web Sites?
The SAMHSA Web Policy only applies to SAMHSA-funded public Web sites. This includes in-house and externally hosted public Web sites funded through contracts, but does not include Web sites developed with funds from grants and cooperative agreements.

Are there any exceptions to the SAMHSA Web Policy?
No. The SAMHSA Web Policy applies to all SAMHSA components and Contractors providing public information via the official SAMHSA Web site. While the Agency recognizes the use of the Internet for many other functions besides dissemination of public information, this policy is limited to the Agency’s information dissemination (or “publication”) activities.

When did the SAMHSA Web Policy take effect?
June 2006.

Why is the SAMHSA Web Policy important?
SAMHSA Web pages are viewed by the public and employees as being the official position of the agency and have a high degree of visibility. It is imperative that Web content be overseen by management to ensure its quality, relevance to the agency’s mission, and that it is delivered in a usable and accessible format.

Who is ultimately responsible for Web Content?
The head of each SAMHSA organizational component is ultimately responsible for their content on the Agency’s Web site and for its delivery. Therefore, all SAMHSA managers must adhere to the guidance and criteria established by the Office of Communications (OC) for the review and approval of Web content and its delivery.


When should the Division of Technology Management (DTM) Pre-Development Meeting Occurr?

Your Project Officer should setup this meeting as soon as the IT Plan and IT Security Plan have been approved by the SAMHSA contracting officer.

What happens at the Division of Technology Management (DTM) Pre-Development Meeting?

In the pre-development meeting, DTM and your technical team will review the IT documents (see below) to get a clearer understanding of your project from a technical perspective. DTM will go through the development checklist ( located here ) to make sure all of the technical information and functional requirements of the project have been gathered so that there are no surprises down the road.

Any preliminary information about the project that you could provide to DTM prior to the meeting would be great. The following is a list of documents required for this meeting:

DTM would prefer that you review the SAMHSA Technical Guidelines prior to the meeting. DTM will go through the procedures contained in this document so that your team knows what steps need to be followed once the project has been completed and the Web site is live. These procedures include how you will post new and/or updated content onto the Web site.  Any questions or concerns you may have can also be addressed at this meeting.

We do not have a specific agenda that we follow other than what is mentioned in the above paragraphs.   If you need any additional information from us, please email


Can I contact the SAMHSA Webmaster directly?

Yes. You may contact the SAMHSA Webmaster via email unless it is an emergency. Only in emergency situations should you call the SAMHSA Webmaster. The reason email correspondence is so important is because you must keep your Project Officer in the loop at all times. Since you must CC your Project Officer on all emails to SAMHSA's Webmaster, we prefer this mode of communication.

Can I contact the Office of Communications directly?

No. You should ask your Project Officer to contact the OC if you have a question.

Do I have to CC my Project Officer in other emails I send to SAMHSA staff?

YES! In all correspondences with SAMHSA staff (including Webmaster) you must provide a copy (usually via CC) to your Project Officer.


Why can't I open an EPS File?

EPS means Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) format. EPS files are for use on front covers of publications or other printed material and require special software, such as Adobe Illustrator, to open them. EPS files cannot be used in MS Office products and are provided here as downloads only.

Last Update: 11/24/2008