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Even though our deadline has passed, you can still send your responses to us, as described below.

Mental health and substance abuse services are an essential component for advancing our Nation's health. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), states, local governments, providers, consumers and the recovery community are working together to bring the best possible prevention, health promotion, early intervention, treatment, and recovery services to people in need.

Your organization's ideas are welcome to gain insight into the options that would help ensure these services are met in local community environments through health system reform. Please use the attached template as a guide for providing and highlighting important information and perspectives that your organization would like to share. Try to limit your submission to no more than 3 pages.

Send all submissions to The information your organization provides will be posted on the SAMHSA Web site at and will be used to inform upcoming national discussions.

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The information you provide will be posted here and used to help inform upcoming national discussions.  Thank you for joining the conversation

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Last Update: 4/13/2009