Tip Remember to scan periodically to make sure that you are receiving all of the digital channels that are available in your area. More

Are You DTV Ready?

All remaining full-power television stations still broadcasting in analog will make the transition to all-digital between April 16 and June 12. Learn More

Transitions To Date: List of Stations Transitioning


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Find DTV resources in your area. Locate support centers, find digital channels, view digital signal coverage, contacts, events and more.

Get Ready

If you do not have a digital TV and rely on antenna reception (not pay TV, cable or satellite service) to receive your local stations, you will need to "Get Ready" to ensure continued reception of your local stations.

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Reception Maps: View DTV Signal coverage in your area
Troubleshooting Guide: Problems receiving digital channels?
Do It Yourself: Watcing DTV with a Converter Box
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