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E-Government & Presidents Management Agenda

The Department of Health and Human Services “Electronic Government” (E-Gov) program is dedicated to developing and implementing innovative Information Technology (IT) solutions in order to improve effectiveness, efficiency, and service to citizens and other Government entities.

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB), together with Federal agencies, has identified 24 E-Government Initiatives in order to advance the implementation of IT innovation. HHS serves as the managing partner for one of initiative,, and is the managing partner for the Federal Health Architecture Line of Business, and the co-managing partner of the Grants Management Line of Business.

HHS prepares an annual Proud-to-Be / Management Plan Agreement which details “Proud to Be” Milestones established by the Department as well the Management Plan Agreement (MPA) between HHS and OMB. HHS submits quarterly MPA e-Gov Reports to OMB and receives E-Gov PMA Quarterly Scores reflecting the Department’s status and progress on E-Gov initiatives. Federal law also requires an E-Gov Annual Report  be submitted to OMB which covers overall E-Gov activities at the Department and features one or more key E-Gov activities at OMB’s request.

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